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The Message Therapist Copywriter & Content Creator WORK


The 2017 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, hosted by Patrick Abboud, Em Rusciano, Faustina Agolley & Joel Creasey.

The 2017 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, hosted by Patrick Abboud, Em Rusciano, Faustina Agolley & Joel Creasey.

Script Writer, 2017 & 2016 Sydney Mardi Gras, Television Broadcast - SBS

I hear Pride parades are fun. That's not the word I'd use to describe writing a 100-page script for a constantly-changing show with the only rehearsal scheduled the day before. But you know what, that's not important, and neither is sleep. What's important is coffee and the value of this event to SBS, the LGBTQI community & the ongoing goal of fostering a fabulous, diverse, inclusive Australia.

Writer/Producer, 2016 Tropfest Short Film Festival, Television Broadcast - SBS2

Tropfest is the world's largest short film festival with events in New Zealand, North America, South East Asia and the Middle East. As the birthplace of the festival, the Sydney event is the most iconic of the Tropfest entities, attracting massive crowds every year.

With a 5000-word script to write, in-show promos to produce and set design concepts to create, Tropfest was always going to be a ‘fun’ gig. However, the 2015-2016 show grew a whole new layer of fun when it was cancelled out of the blue and resurrected out of the same colour two months later. This meant a substantial rewrite in a not substantial amount of time and a delicate balancing act serving the conflicting needs of multiple stakeholders. 

Despite these challenges, both the live event and the television broadcast were a great success. CGU extended its sponsorship and Tropfest found a new, permanent home in Parramatta Park.

Because the planet can’t wait and neither can you...
The Message Therapist Creative Concepts & Copywriting

Writer/Concept Creator, Bachelor of Science Advanced, Honours (Atmospheric Science), Facebook Ad Concept - UOW

The University of Wollongong's Bachelor of Science Advanced, Honours (Atmospheric Science) degree is unique; students don't have to wait for their Honours year to undertake independent research. UOW wanted to spike interest in the course, which was being offered for the first time in 2017.  I designed this concept to highlight the degree's distinguishing feature and to target a high-achieving student who is both interested in a meaningful scientific career and familiar with the frustration of being held back.

Writer/Producer/Editor, The Skin I Live In, Television Promo - Foxtel Movies

When Foxtel took over the Showtime Movie channels, part of the rebrand involved turning the showcase channel into the Foxtel Movies Masterpiece Channel. Ratings showed critically-acclaimed films playing on showcase, especially 'foreign' movies, attracted a niche market. We wanted to open these films up to a broader audience.

The Skin I Live In is a Spanish film with subtitles. Fans of Pedro Almodóvar would tune in the moment they saw his name. I needed to find a way to connect my target audience to a filmmaker who was, at best, vaguely familiar and at worst, completely unknown. I aimed to do this by building a bridge between a famous fictional character and the film's iconic director.

Writer, Overseas Student Health Cover, Website Video - The University of Sydney.

In 2017, The University of Sydney enrolled over 5000 new international students, all of whom, as a requirement of their visa, needed Overseas Student Health Cover. I wrote this video to introduce them to the Australian health care system and make sure they knew how to use their insurance policy.

Writer, Producer, Editor, A Love Story, Television Advertisement - showcase

Documentaries draw passionate fans, but they’re often small in number. My challenge with this project wasn’t just to attract a larger audience but to solve the problem of some documentary subjects – politics and economics in this case – being perceived as dry. I wanted people who saw this ad to relate to it in a very personal way and to consider tuning in to a program they wouldn't normally watch.

The Message Therapist Award-winning Copywriter.

Writer, Future Students Pitch, EDM - UOW

The Higher Education market is enormously competitive. Universities must leverage every opportunity to sell themselves to prospective students. Open Days are a great way to showcase campus grounds and facilities, but the relationships established at these events need following up.

This EDM was written for school leavers who came to UOW's Open Day and took part in their Science-lab experiment. Specifically, it targeted students who want to use science to affect social change. My call-to-action was two-fold: get them to open the email, and illicit click-through to the University's Nanobiotechnology course page.


SUBJECT LINE: Change the world with us

Dear Karen,

When we look at the enormity of the problems facing our world today, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We hope you got a sense of the real power you have when you took part in UOW’s Science-lab experiment at our Open Day recently.

When it comes to using this power to help humanity, one of the most exciting fields is Bionanotechnology. Combining principles from biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics, bionanotechnological approaches are revolutionizing science and medicine. Chemotherapy does the job but what if instead of poisoning the whole body we could use nanoparticles to deliver drugs to just the cancerous cells?

UOW’s Bachelor of Science (Bionanotechnology) will give you the ability to understand and control biological processes at the molecular level. Imagine not just studying for a degree but making ground-breaking discoveries that’ll benefit the whole planet. And with 14.4% forecast growth in the Scientific & Technical Services Industries, your journey into Bionanotechnology isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for your career.

So what are you waiting for?  Take an up-close look at our Bionanotechnology course and help us change the world!

Writer/Producer/Editor, Being John Malkovich, Movie Infomo - showtime comedy

You probably know this already, but people don't always watch ad breaks. Even if they do, they're rarely listening. Thanks to the overuse of the HARD-SELL promo - you'll never guess, you can't miss, all-new, brand-new, who dies who wins who cares!? - the relationship between television viewers and marketers is at an all-time low.

The 'Infomo' was born out of evidence of this broken relationship. It was designed to respect the viewer's intelligence and their need for engaging content; to value-add the ad-break.

This was one of the first Infomos I produced. I knew I had to hook the viewer immediately. I'd seen the graph showing numbers plummeting as the habitual channel flick took place. I needed to disrupt that habit. I needed to count all 208 bald heads on the Being John Malkovich movie poster.

*The Infomo concept was created by Charley Holland. You can visit him here.

Writer/Producer, Sitack-Gibberwobblenobble, Television Promo - thecomedychannel

This is an old spot so excuse the graphics/video quality. It's here to showcase my sillier side (and Monty Pythons!) These days, I'm a (mostly) well-behaved professional, but I do love shedding my normie skin. Fortunately, using humour to shatter the norm is a proven way of creating effective, attention-capturing content.

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