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The Message Therapist Copywriter & Content Creator Homepage


Clinical Copy


The Message Therapist Copywriter & Content Creator Homepage


Clinical Copy


Welcome back to Tropfest.  If you've just joined us, you're late, go and sit in the corner.


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The Message Therapist helps businesses craft their messages so they don’t just get where they’re going but do what they’re designed to do when they get there.

Otherwise known as Kim Leach, The Message Therapist is an award-winning writer with twenty years' experience in the communications industry. With a chequered past in Television Promotions, she combines her writing expertise with a thorough understanding of marketing objectives, target demographics and hard drugs. (She's a softie and kidding about the last one.)

Selfie of said softie.
Selfie of said softie.

The Message Therapist Copywriting & Content Creation Services


The Message Therapist Copywriting & Content Creation Services


Events & Hostings



Presenter Scripts for Television, Radio & Online Talent.



Emcee Scripts for Fundraisers, Industry Events & Conferences. 

Product Launches & Presentations.


You've got your talent sorted. Now all you need is someone talented to write for them!

From television events aimed at millions of viewers to product launches designed for a select few, from packed industry conferences to intimate company presentations, The Message Therapist specializes in creating entertaining and effective scripts for presenters.

Video Marketing

The Message Therapist Video Marketing


Infographics & Explainers, Comedy.



About Us, Product Demonstrations, Tutorials & Presentations.



Internal Communications, Training & Sales Videos.


It doesn't matter whether the star of your video is a stick figure, a statistic or a real live human (as opposed to a dead one who I'm told charges less); the star is the communicator, not the key. Without a strong concept and professionally-crafted copy, the communicator has as much chance of attracting customers as an empty box (unless you're in the business of selling empty boxes, in which case go ahead and use the box).

If you're not in the packing and moving business, use The Message Therapist. She's an expert at producing quality video tailored to specific needs. She's also aware fish now have better attention spans than humans and is especially talented at using humour and creativity to reel leads in.

Sales & Web Copy

The Message Therapist Sales Advertising & Web Copy


Websites, Blogs, Articles, Newsletters & EDMs.



Pages, Bios, Ads, Content. 



Brochures, Reports & Newsletters.



App Descriptions, Promos, SMS & Push Notifications. 



Think about the last time you bought something online or clicked the subscribe button on a newsletter. How did you pick one merchant from all the others? Why that newsletter when you delete so many?

You may know the reason or you may have ‘just’ followed your gut; I say 'just’ because neuroscience shows decision-making is primarily emotional. Whatever you based your decision on, I’m betting somewhere in the process words convinced you.  

Words are hugely important. Unfortunately, the internet’s flooded with them. Worse, people don’t read the web they way they read a book or a friend's text. They're time-poor and hungry for a narrow band of information. They scan scan scan until they find a match for a specific need.

If your emails are being trashed unopened or your prospects are doing a three-sixty three seconds after clicking your website, you may need to book your sales and web copy in for some message therapy. If only you knew a Message Therapist.

Creative Concepts & Ad Copy

UOW BACHELOR OF SCIENCE ADVANCED, HONOURS (ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE) ** put this in work suggestion with details from pitch / use different picture here    Because the planet can't wait and neither can you....


Creative Concepts for Campaigns Big and Small, On-air, Online and Old-school.



Advertising Copy for all Media and all Platforms.


Congratulations. You know what your marketing objective is, you've clearly defined your target audience and you've clicked your heels three times to discover not only are your calves out of shape but you don't actually have a creative concept to execute your plan. That's where The Message Therapist comes in. With her '5 Easy Steps to Killer Calves'.... actually, there are no easy steps to killer calves, but my concept and copy muscles are bulging and ready to lift you wherever you wanna go.

Comedy & Creative Writing

The Message Therapist Award-winning Comedy & Creative Writing


Sketches, Skits, Videos.  

One-liners, Gags, Speeches.

Articles, Blogs, Social Media.

Newsletters & Email Campaigns.



Stories, Ghostwriting.


I was six when I published my first book. It was self-published because I was ahead of the curve and because it was shit. An unspecified number of years later, having put a shitload of work into my craft, my creative writing is less shit. As evidence of this improvement in fecal quality, I'm a recipient of the Harper Collins Varuna Award for Manuscript Development, the Varuna Writers’ Centre Editorial Fellowship & the Varuna Writers’ Centre Mentorship. I'd be honored to write creatively for you and promise not to be a potty mouth, unless it's requested, in which case I promise to shit it in. 

As for comedy, it's my strong suit. My therapist calls it a defence mechanism that interferes with my ability to sustain relationships but she's dead now and I don't want to draw attention to that when I worked so hard on my alibi. Instead, I'll draw attention to the power of comedy as a sales and communication tool. Making people laugh is a proven way of gaining traction in a crowded marketplace.

Officially, my comedy has earnt me Gold & Silver Promax Awards. Unofficially, I've noticed people laughing at me, even when I'm not naked.